Service partnership for finishing systems

When capital investments are being held to a minimum, it’s time to improve system availability, general productivity and product quality

Capacity of the finishing lines and roll sizes are continuously growing demanding systematic and skilled preventive maintenance. Limited mill maintenance resources are not always able to provide cost efficient and specialised service for today's advanced finishing technologies. An excellent tool for a mill to rearrange or complement its maintenance operations is a long term service partnership agreement with Raumaster Paper.

Customer care

For the customer successful delivery of the equipment is only beginning of the process. We at the Raumaster Paper want to think same way. That is why we have various methods to make lifecycle of the equipment longer than expected.

Service partnership agreement can be tailored to include technical and operational support, regular service visits or complete co-operation program, as per each customer's requirements. Process and condition audits by specialists, spare parts logistics and upgrades are the cornerstones of Raumaster Paper Customer Care. The agreement can be easily extended by adding preventive maintenance and retrofit programs.

Additional benefit of the service partnership is the access to Raumaster Paper's latest developments, which can be also applied to existing finishing systems to meet future challenges.

Conveyor retrofits

We have in our group of companies also a specialised chain manufacturing unit. That gives us an unique possibility to produce and deliver also tailor made chains and other components to replace the worn chains, sprockets and rails of the conveyors delivered originally by other manufacturers. Raumaster Paper has also developed effective tools and working methods to complete the retrofit work during short shutdowns.

Abnormal Situation Management

Online monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting package for roll finishing systems

ASM is a powerful tool to improve the quick troubleshooting and problem solving in abnormal situations. ASM shows the interlockings, sequences and alarms in easy to read and understand form, so the operators can solve most of the problems by themselves without any special tools. As the system continuously monitors the function of each equipment, it can be also used to analyze and optimize the overall system availability.

Availability and performance analysis

Raumaster Paper has also developed efficient tools and software packages to collect and analyse the data from PLC control systems. Clear reports and display information make trouble shooting and system optimising easier.

Customer Care Services

  • process audits
  • condition audits
  • spares and consumables
  • maintenance programs and manuals
  • site service actions
  • upgrades and modifications
  • dedicated contact person