Raumaster Paper FINMaster roll finishing concept starts from here:

Pope reel and re-reeler

Quattroll roll wagons

Mother roll transportation after reel to Winder or Re-reeler

Mother roll storages

Reel spool storages

Reel Spool return automatic from Winder to Reel

Two drum slitting winders

Quattroll Two Drum winder technology is designed for effective production. From mother roll handling to slitting and finished rolls ejecting on the floor.

Advanced control system takes care of the optimal hardness, straight ends and clean cut of the wound roll. Reliable roll separation and easy operation are respected features of Quattroll Winders.

Quattroll QDW/T Series Winders

are designed for board and paper production in the paper mills. QDW represents high technology and proven winding systems for high quality paper production. Winding drums can be hard surfaced or soft covered depending on the paper/board surface.

Under the QDW category there are options like Automatic slitting knifes positioning, Core Supply, Gluing, Dust Removing and Edge Trim Removing Systems available.

Rewinders QDW/S

are designed for paper mills` finishing departments and converting mills. "S" means shaftless unwinder with core chucks for different core sizes.

Typically S-series are designed to operate in width area of paper and board from 800mm up to 3500mm.

Unwinder, slitting edge knifes and rewinding heads are adjusted according the needed width. Rewinders can have same automatic functions as main winders QDW/T after paper machines.

Turret unwinders and rewinders

are used in continuos production in coating and laminating lines.Paper roll splices are made at production speed. With Quattroll Turret Winders there is no need to slow down the speed in order to reach successful splice.

By using Quattroll Turrent winder, over 1000m/min splicing speed can be achieved. Flexible operation, intelligent functions and reliable control system facilitate smooth production without splicing breaks.

By choosing Quattroll, 100 % splice is guaranteed.

Turrent Rewinder QDR

is shaftless rewind system that has flying splice for rolls of different widths. The splice can be conducted either with tape or with blowing device and splicing sequence in Turrent Rewinder QDR is fully automated.

Threading sequence is easy to use. Minimum number of steps is needed by the operator due to Quattroll`s sophisticated and intelligence control technology.

Turret rewinder - diameter up to 2500mm. Fully automated splicing sequency.

100% succesfull flying splice.

Linear unwinder

for paper rolls with reel spools and for low space. Automatic flying splice at production speed. Web edge control to compensate roll dishing.

Empty reel spool is ejected automatically from the unwinder. All the functions are highly automated to reduce operator work - means more capacity and production.

Suitable for Off-line coaters - Laminating lines - Sheet cutters

Slitting Winder Rebuild

Slitter winders are under the heavy stress due to continuous acceleration and deceleration, mechanical movement of equipment and winding of paper in high speed. When the winders are getting old there exists mechanical play, wear and tear of parts, leakage of hydraulic oil and difficulty to get certain spare parts.

Raumaster Paper provides a complete range of services for winders starting from the spare part delivery all the way to system audits and further to modernizations and rebuilds of any plants, regardless of the original supplier.

Winder efficiency can be usually improved with smaller investments than purchasing a totally new winder. Changing of new slitting knives, new core chuck guides, bearings and improving of roll hardness control are typical parts of winder rebuild. The dust generating D-bar spreader system can be replaced by modern rotating section spreader rollers.

If the paper grade changes and there are lighter or heavier web grades, more slitting knives and higher capacity are required. Roll hardness control together with automation system upgrade will add more value to production by improving capacity and customer roll quality.

Simultaneously with the rebuild the winder safety system shall be modified. Safety fences, safety carpets, E-stop buttons and -wires will remarkably improve the safety of the working environment.

Externally controlled sectional spreader roll for rebuild applications. When compared to conventional single bow roll, sectional roll gives better profile control possibility for spreader.

Single spreader or Dual spreader system.

Replace old D-bar system and reduce dust from paper roll.