Winder rebuilds

Raumaster Paper is a reliable partner with excellent knowledge in Winder rebuilds. We are also specialized in modernizing Winders of other suppliers. Through modernization we are able to maximize safety, usage and productivity.

Raumaster Paper delivers the modernisation of four JR-1000 winders

In 2012 – 2015, upon the request of a paper manufacturer, Raumaster Paper implemented the modernisation of four winders of type JR-1000 utilising the modular structure developed for modernising technology. Even one winder related accident is one too many, therefore manual processing of cores was changed to automatic. After the upgrade, the cores are brought to the winder manually from a core cassette from behind the safety fence to core magazines. The winding arms automatically lift the cores from the magazines. The safety logic also monitors the access gates and access ways.

The winder modernisations also required that the logic was upgraded from S5 to S7F. The need for logic modernisation is quite common, as those found in winders that have been in use for a long time are so old that no replacement components can be found.

The concept thinking of modernisations performed by Raumaster Paper also significantly improved the performance of the winders. Production volumes increased, because changing the cores was easier, and it was possible to run the winders faster.

Another reason why the receiver of the modernisation appreciated this operational approach, was that Raumaster Paper was able to provide a good prognosis of the success of the projects in advance. Assurance of the technical goals of the project was of particular importance to the customer.

Technical scope of deliveries

Raumaster delivered the following modernisation packages:

  • Mill audits
  • Core magazines
  • Soft winding drums
  • Super heavy stations
  • Automatic core and end gluing
  • Slitter positioning upgrade
  • Automatic station positioning
  • S7 Control System with WinCC and touch screens