Mastergrip Automatic Roll Storage

Raumaster Paper has developed a cost effective intermediate storage solution that can be used for all roll grades. An automatic crane furnished with a unique Mastergrip gripper can handle both wrapped and unwrapped rolls. Transferring several rolls simultaneously decreases the number of handling operations. Gentle but firm grip minimizes roll deformation and damage. This warehouse system can be completed with an automatic truck loading and load securing system to further cut labor costs and improve safety.

Mastergrip gripper innovation

  • both wrapped and unwrapped rolls can be handled with the same gripper
  • possibility to handle multiple rolls increases remarkably the capacity (rph)
  • electric operation without hydraulics (oilfree, low power requirement)
  • gentle but firm grip even in case of power failure
  • low maintenance requirements
  • RFID ready
  • patents pending worldwide

The first storage has been in operation since June 2009. After successful introduction of the pilot Mastergrip storages have been delivered to Scandinavia, Central – Europe, Asia and USA. The customers have been satisfied and rewarded the supplier with a queue of repeat orders.

Raumaster Warehouse Management System (RWMS)

  • intelligent and flexible stock placement and routing system
  • data driven (parameters, rules)
  • easy to use graphical interface
  • learns from history
  • easily customized and fully expandable modular software
  • truck loading

Rationalize your warehouse operations with advanced truck loading solutions including general engineering, conveyors, special trailers and complete automation.