Core cutting performance set on a new level

Superior cleanliness

The patented CleanCut cutting process eliminates spreading of saw dust to the surroundings or inside the core. The dust disposal is controlled through the process.

Superior cut surface quality

The CleanCut process ensures a burrless and smooth core end. No further dressing is needed. 

Superior cutting accuracy

The utmost cutting accuracy of is necessary in the production of narrow rolls. In slitting and winding sets with 25 - 35 rolls, only the best accuracy is good enough.

Less maintenance

Saw blade wear has less effect on the cut quality in CleanCut than in conventional cutting. The blade change interval may be extended accordingly.

Easy match to customer specific needs

The modular design of the core cutter allows select features actually needed. Optimum balance of required modules results in most economical solution. Even the most affordable core cutter meets the highest capacity, cut surface quality and cutting accuracy standards.

Recycling and special applications

Raumaster Paper product lines cover all slitting, wrapping and roll handling operations after the paper machine and furthermore provide a comprehensive range of solutions for recycling and dewrapping.

Recycling Product Line

  • Broke roll cutter
  • Butt roll stripper
  • Broke processing cell
    • Roll infeed conveyor system
    • Broke roll cutter
    • Butt roll stripper
    • Core collecting system
    • Pulper infeed conveyor system

Special Machinery

  • Core plug inserter
  • Semi automatic dewrapping cell

Established paper and board producers trust in Raumaster Paper

Raumaster has delivered roll handling systems worldwide since the 80´s. During the decades the product assortment has been continuously extended - mainly through own development and through acquisitions.

Core and broke handling product lines were launched early 2000´s. The customers have been satisfied with the deliveries and rewarded the supplier with repeat orders. Numerous core and broke cutting as well as handling lines are in operation in Scandinavia, Central - and South Europe as well as in USA at the mills of Stora Enso, Norske Skog, M-Real, Smurfit Kappa among others.