Automation and Information Systems

Raumaster Paper offers exceptional performance in combining cost effective equipment with advanced control systems. The seamless functioning of the finishing line is ensured with a FINMaster automation solution that includes modules for:

  • order processing
  • production planning
  • product tracking system
  • warehouse management system
  • shipping and invoicing
  • machine controls
  • operator interfaces
  • fault diagnostic system

You can operate either with a minimum level of automation or you can order the latest state-of-the-art control system. Thus you don’t pay for the features you don’t need.

Raumaster Warehouse Management System (RWMS)

RWMS is a key part of the supply chain as it controls and optimizes the movement and storage of rolls 24h/7d:

  • intelligent and flexible stock placement and routing system
  • data driven (parameters, rules)
  • easy to use graphical interface
  • learns from history
  • easily customized and fully expandable modular software

RWMS can control:

  • cranes
  • conveyors
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • clamp trucks with mobile terminals
  • other automated handling equipment

Amount of controlled locations and different orders/articles is practically unlimited.

RWMS can be used as a stand alone system or it can be connected to other information systems via its flexible interface module. With the graphical user interface and system status viewer the operator can check the state of the warehouse and related systems at a glance.

Also a roll search using different parameters and manual move commands (drag-and-drop) can be done from a user interface. All roll movements are saved to a database for further analysis.