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Raumaster Paper's process knowhow extends over the entire paper handling technology and logistics in paper mills, converters and printing houses. FINMaster roll finishing concept integrates parent reel handling, winding, core handling, roll handling & wrapping, broke handling, warehousing, sheeter operations, vehicle loading and related automation into a complete single supplier delivery. The FINMaster solution can be applied to both new and existing processes and it can be delivered also step by step as per each customer’s needs.

Winder Rebuilds Winders and Reelers Roll handling Roll wrapping

Winder rebuilds


Winders and Reelers


Roll handling


Roll wrapping

Raumaster Paper is a reliable partner with excellent knowledge in Winder rebuilds. We are also specialized in modernizing Winders of other suppliers. Through modernization we are able to maximize safety, usage and productivity.

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Raumaster Paper has acquired Quattroll winder and reeler business during 2010. Quattroll has been designing and manufacturing winders and reelers for a number of applications since 1990, and today the product name is well known as a global market leader in the high capacity midsize winder technology.

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Raumaster Paper process know how extends over the entire paper handling technology and logistics in paper mills. In today’s highly competitive market, it is vital that the end product arrives at the end user in the best possible condition.

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Raumaster Paper supports your roll finishing processes with unique Master and Modulwrap product lines of wrapping machines using plastic film or kraft or combination of both.

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Mastergrip storage Printhouse logistics Core handling Automation

Mastergrip storage


Printhouse logistics


Core handling



Raumaster Paper has developed a cost effective intermediate storage solution that can be used for all roll grades. An automatic crane furnished with a unique Mastergrip gripper can handle both wrapped and unwrapped rolls.

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We have a long history in serving paper industry worldwide. Now our proven roll and core handling products have been applied for logistics solutions in converting and printing industries.

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Our proven product line covers everything you need from unloading and storing of cores to the core cutting and preparation and finally systems for transporting the processed cores to the winders.

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Raumaster Paper offers exceptional performance in combining cost effective equipment with advanced control systems.

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